Our Founder

193_Judy_and_childIn 1995, Judy Foster went on a mission trip to Haiti and fell in love with the people there. Since then she has given her life to help this nation.

Her efforts have been instrumental in getting food and clean water to multitudes, restoring the health and vitality of malnourished children.

Judy has become a well known figure with all of the Embassies in Haiti, working to obtain Visas for many Haitian nationals to facilitate surgeries at hospitals in the United States, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.
Joining  with Pastor Etienne Charles, she began helping further the education of Haitian children, teaching Haitian women about commerce, facilitating medical clinics, and hosting medical missions and missionary teams.

Judy has shown “The Jesus Film” and translated books by Tim Gilligan and Kenneth Hagin into the Creole language. As a result, thousands have received Christ as Savior.

She has been the chairperson and teacher at the American University of the Caribbean. Medical clinics and local health worker training keep her busy.

In 2000, the Haitian Government gave Judy land on the southern coast in St. George. This provided a site for the construction of Children’s Village, a dream God gave Judy years earlier.

During the massive earthquake of 2010, Judy rescued many children, working with triage facilities in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She assisted medical teams from Israel, France, and the US. In the aftermath, she helped build a tent city and brought cholera treatment to remote areas.

Judy lives full time in Les Cayes, Haiti. She is a member of Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, Florida where Pastor Tim Gilligan is the senior pastor. Judy is an avid soccer fan and loves to encourage young people to pursue their dreams!